Diego Velasco-De Armas
Senior 3D Generalist

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3D Generalist Reel



I modeled and rigged this mecha biped transport. The rigging is pretty complex, with Set Driven Key controls for extending the arms and the missile, as well as many other techniques (including MEL scripting) for the other controls.

I am now in the process of texturing him with Substance Painter and Quixel, and shading him with IBL and Substance Designer, to practice a bit.

I used all of the 14 hero characters that the team modeled for the spot as a base to create a script that could randomize skin color, ethnicity, facial expressions, adornments (bracelets, hats, backpacks, glasses, earrings, etc. with varied colors), choose one of 20 pre-made animations (done by the team’ s animators), and clothes (with a few rules for matching, and gender). Cadu helped me with the facial animations and the facial rigging. The end result of the script was an endless variety of small looping (30-50 frames) animations that could be pre-rendered with the scene’ s lighting, and then used as sprites to multiply the crowd. Since they were pre-rendered, the final scene had minimal overhead (in fact, it could play back in real time, even with 10,000 people).

Matte Paintings and Compositing

For this spot, we were tasked with erasing the original arwork (mostly modern sculptures) from the shots. I got these three scenes. The first one is particularly complex, and was pretty much reconstructed in 3D. I used repainted stills from the shot itself for reprojection onto tracked geometry, with 3D camera projection The reflections needed to be raytraced for the effect to work, so the reconstruction goes even beyond the visible scene. All elements were composited in After Effects.

The first shot is a good example of a scene that is completely transformed by camera projection and matte painting. The second one is a more classic mix of matte painting, green screen, and 3D elements.

Paintings, Drawings, and Misc. Artwork

Traditional Paintings

This RISD assignment was to do a copy of a master painter. I chose to copy Summer 1909, by Frank Benson, an american impressionist, for the composition, colors, and overall feeling of the painting. I had access to the original at the RISD museum, which was great!

These were all done while at RISD, from life, in one-day sessions.

This was the "romance novel cover" illustration assignment. The empty space is intended for some cheesy title.
Another painting done from life.

Zbrush doodles

The skull is from an online zbrush anatomy course (which I highly recommend) with Rafael Souza. He helped me see anatomy from a different point of view.

This stocky character was an idea that I had to do a semi-realistic version of Groo, The Wanderer. Still a WIP. Also done for Souza´s class.
This is a concept for an animatronic head, a project that is on standby at the moment.

Below are a few fun experiments, intended as quick exercises. The ideia is to loosen the hand, and practice.

Store Design and Branding

doBrasil Quituteria & Coffee Shop

I was responsible for the design of the franchise doBrasil - from the menus, to the posters, to the logos, animated IDs, and even the store layout and furniture. The stools, tables, counter, lighting, and luminous display were all custom built to my specs.

The kitchen was complex to set up! I created a 3D layout to see how all the appliances would fit. This included exhaust and ventilation tubing, water pipes, electrical layout, lights, etc. It meets very strict brazilian ANVISA standards: ceramic walls, the same flooring as McDonald´s, color-coded ducts, etc.

We are now use this logo for everything. This logo is more sofisticated, and fits well with upscale shopping malls and supermarkets.[ video here ]
The factory logo was intended as more "fun", for children´s buffets or food parks. This logo might still be used for the factory.

We used the factory logo on the cup that serves our customers at the coffee shop. It´s very visible, and chipper!

I did 3D mock-up before printing. This is how we package our product for sale.

The first flyer (front and back)

It already made the distinction between the factory and the coffee shop.

A few of the menus that we used.
Posters, 70 cm x 100 cm

Done to add a bit of color to the store. To save some time, I used a stock vector of a truck, and a stock shot of some fruit.

A couple of vertical banners with promotional prices, a check-in ad, and.. we recicle!

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